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Omar Hopkinson
Soulful Recovery
Sponsored by:
Pickwick Books
Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton

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Omar ‘Oms’ Hopkinson, Artist

Omar Hopkinson (b. 1977) is an award-winning contemporary artist who currently specializes in large scale painting with a concentration on abstract and abstract impressionism. His artwork focuses on self reflection and tells the story of the black experience in a way that is not usually seen from others within the same diaspora. Omar believes that his mission is to leverage his creative career as a conduit to amplify the voices of the unheard.


Instagram @omscreates


You can contact Omar at

Soulful Recovery

The chair acts as a place of safety, and an invitation to good energy (vibes), and unity. The bouquet of flowers at the seat of the chair is an ode to growth, and the hearts represent the love within, while being still and reflecting on self and others. Love of self is the key to love others, which brings a positive energy that the world needs. The circles are a symbolic representation of ‘Life’ that floats in the background of the words. The arms of the chair are a nod to the roots that ground us.

Interested in bidding to own this chair?

This chair will be awarded to the highest bidder after the Chairing is Caring program closes on September 15. Auction proceeds will go to the Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton.

This Chair is Sponsored by Pickwick Books

The best little bookshop in Waterdown since 1995, you can find Pickwick Books on the historical corner of Mill and Dundas Streets. The shop features a large and eclectic variety of gently used, rare and collectable books. Current shop owner, Marnie Mycroft, shares the passion of her predecessors which is to find good homes for good books. Marnie enjoys the opportunity to participate in community initiatives and is thrilled to bring visual art and a place to rest to her shop’s doorstep.

Supporting the Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton (CCAH)

CCAH promotes awareness that unity in diversity, full and active participation, unbiased inclusion, and the capacity to value differences equally are essential to the social, cultural, and economic growth of the region. Membership is open to anyone who shares these interests, with an opportunity for youth to get involved in a wide range of activities and programs.

Learn more about the Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton.